Wasting Time

It's a common observation among lawyers that civil practice is much less civil than criminal practice.  I was listening to AM radio and I heard a lawyer (specializing in HOA disputes) describe himself as "psychotically aggressive".  You don't see that very often on the criminal side.  Virtually all criminal cases are prosecuted by Deputy District... Continue Reading →


Lunch in the Wild West

A few months after finishing my first attempted murder I was sitting around another courtroom waiting for my case to be called.  I watched another DA give a closing argument in a murder case.  The funny thing was; the murder took place in the same alley as my attempted murder.  The exact same alley!  Right behind... Continue Reading →

A Bad Deal

There didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary when we first looked at the student interviewing with us for a law clerk position.  He a pale, skinny man in his late 20s at the top of his class at a local law school.  The interview was pretty normal until the very end, when our... Continue Reading →

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